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An epicerie is a neighborhood specialty market that caters to the local community’s culinary needs. Epicerie is the French word, though the local market concept is prevalent throughout Europe and around the world. Think of us as your online gourmet food market, offering carefully curated products from around the world. Globally inspired, US based.

Euro Gourmet Epicerie was created by the Chief Curator at Euro Gourmet L.L.C., a Las Vegas-based international importer and distributor of gourmet foods, to make available to interested consumers many of the products sold only to top-notch culinary establishments. We have been providing thoughtfully selected high quality items and expertise to award-winning chefs at some of the finest restaurants, patisseries, and luxury hotels in the Las Vegas and Los Angeles metropolitan areas for over 25 years!

We offer a premium selection of artisan products, including a diversified line of food service and bakery items from France, Spain, Italy, Morocco, Latin America and other regions around the world. We continuously source and import new and exciting epicurean delicacies for your gourmet creations. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us and we will try our best to locate additional products for you.

Please enjoy your visit in our epicerie, perusing products that are bursting with flavors, aromas, colors and textures, and come see us often. Bon appetit and cheers to your health!

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We offer an assortment of options for all the foodies in your life: family, friends, colleagues and other associates. The epicurean gifts will make a big impression on any special occasion, as expressions of thanks, love, or just because!

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  • Les Comtes de Provence – Red Fig “Mediterranean” Jams (340 g.)


    This cauldron-cooked red fig jam is made with 55-65% fruit from the Mediterranean. Thick cut fruit makes this jam more like a preserve/marmalade, yet still easy to spread. High quality cane sugar complements rather than overwhelms this classic Provencal fig. Liven up breakfasts, tea-time and desserts. Contains no artificial colors, flavor enhancers, preservatives or GMOs.…

  • Leroux - Regular Instant Chicory (7 oz. / 200 g.)
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    Leroux – Regular Instant Chicory (7 oz. / 200 g.)


    Leroux Instant chicory is practical, for it can be dissolved in water or milk. It is a light drink that offers a medley of balance and gourmet pleasure. Leroux Instant chicory:  The ultimate step in chicory transformation, chicory extract is spray-dried. This process produces a soluble product in powder form which can be totally and instantly…

  • Groix et Nature -Sardines with Lobster Oil (115 g./ 4 oz)


    Groix et Nature uses a unique approach to canned sardines for a standout traditional product with a new twist. An artisanal canning factory on the island of Groix in the region of Brittany, Groix et Nature has eight employees, who prepare recipes with an inimitable sea taste every day. These Breton sardines are prepared by…

  • White Italian Truffle – Aroma Oil (Olive Oil)


    If you love the flavor of Italian White Truffles and you want to use it often in your food, this delicious Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with a slice of real Italian White Truffles makes for an exquisite seasoning. Use it as a flavorful enhancement for steak, pasta, fried eggs, risotto, sautéed vegetables, mushrooms and…

  • Don Bocarte – Bonito Del Norte -White Tuna (120 g. – 160 g.)


    Bonito is the finest tuna in Spain. Conserved in olive oil, this meat is soft, juicy, and has the right amount of saltiness. This bonito comes from the Bay of Biscay, north Spain. Right after the caught, the bonito is handily and carefully prepared: washed, boiled, filleted and preserved. Don Bocarte bonito is always prepared…

  • Les Comtes de Provence – Cherry “Old Fashioned” Jam (370 g.)


    Since 1986, Les Comtes de Provence has created a Mediterranean life style in fruit specialties rich in taste and 100% natural! Comtes de Provence uses whole fruit at peak ripeness and its know-how to prepare small batches of delicious preserves in an open cauldron. The rapid cooling protects the color, flavor and delicate texture of…

  • Forchy – Raisin cake 275g. 4 slices/ea. (Pack of 2)


    Authentic raisin cake with rum from the Antilles. Information Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Main ingredients Raisins, wheat flour, sugar, eggs, vegetable fats, butter, rum from the Antilles, natural extract of orange. Contains following allergen(s) Wheat, eggs and milk. May contain following allergen(s) Soya and nuts.

  • Groix et Nature – Mon Huile de Homard / Lobster Oil (250 ml)


    Made from blue lobster, grape seed oil and herbs, Lobster oil brings flavor to your dishes. original and creative use, it is used to season and flavor dishes as varied as your pasta with seafood, salads, carpaccio of Scallops, raw or cooked fish fillets, sushi, Tartar ...

  • Flor del Delta – Black Salt Flakes (Can 350 g.)


    Black salt flakes with their beautiful black crystals and unmistakable flavor, make it very appealing. The black crystals create visual contrast and stand out greatly when used with lighter coloured foods such as pastas, creams or smooth soups, purees or poached fish. Ingredients: Salt flakes, vegetable charcoal. Uses: Black salt flakes is used for visual…

  • Vilux – Grapeseed Oil (500 ml.)


    This heart-healthy oil has a high flash point and delicate, slightly nutty flavor, making it excellent for just about any cooking application.