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  • Don Bocarte – Bonito Del Norte -White Tuna (120 g. – 160 g.)


    Bonito is the finest tuna in Spain. Conserved in olive oil, this meat is soft, juicy, and has the right amount of saltiness. This bonito comes from the Bay of Biscay, north Spain. Right after the caught, the bonito is handily and carefully prepared: washed, boiled, filleted and preserved. Don Bocarte bonito is always prepared…

  • La Maison Pebeyre - Truffle Honey (8.8 oz. / 250 g.)
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    La Maison Pebeyre – Truffle Honey (8.8 oz. / 250 g.)


    This beautiful jar is filled with the most amazing truffle honey; you can see the peelings floating right in the jar! As soon as you open the jar, the room is filled with aroma of truffle. This honey Truffle honey is best served on cheese or pastries, or it can be used to glaze a…