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  • A L’Olivier – 3 Vinegars Gift Set – Raspberry, Fig & Passion Fruits (Bottle 3×50 ml)


    Raspberry Pulp Vinegar: this vinegar with raspberry pulp A l'Olivier has a fruity and tangy flavor. A subtle blend of fruit and vinegar. This product is ideal to deglaze the meat (foie gras, veal liver or chicken, duck). Passion Pulp Vinegar: This vinegar passion pulp A l'Olivier assembles fresh notes and acidity. The latter can…

  • A L’Olivier – Mango infused Vinegar (Bottle 200 ml)


    This mango-infused vinegar combines the fruit's smooth and sweet taste with the vinegar's acidity. Its a perfect accompaniment for duck breast or caramelised pork. It's also a great way to liven up mango-based desserts. Uses: Its perfect for dressing exotic salads with ingredients like prawns, ginger, avodado, Granny Smith apples, or as an accompaniment for…

  • A L’Olivier – Passion Fruit infused Vinegar (Bottle 200 ml)


    This vinegar is simultaneously fresh, sour and smooth. Use it instead of lemon juice on freshly baked or pan-fried fish, or to deglaze langoustines pan-fried in olive oil. Uses: Pair this vinegar with toasted sesame oil, or oils infused with basil, lemon, or lemon and ginger to add an exotic touch to your favourite dishes.…

  • A L’Olivier – Raspberry Infused Vinegar (Bottle 200 ml)


    A combination of intensely fruity, acidic raspberry and vinegar, this product is the ideal way to deglaze foie gras, duck breasts, and veal or chicken liver. Blend with our hazelnut oil to liven up an autumnal chicory, gizzard confit, cherry tomato and toasted pine nut salad. Uses: Raspberry-infused vinegar blends perfectly with nut or seed…

  • A L’Olivier – Fig Infused Vinegar (Bottle 200 ml)


    This vinegar combines the sweetness of fig with the acidity of vinegar. It's perfect for deglazing white meat or foie gras, or blended with the juice from cooked figs. Uses: Perfect for dressing bold salads (mesclun, rocket, lamb's lettuce) with duck breast, fresh fig slices, shaved parmesan and a drizzle of olive oil. Ingredients: Distilled…