Atlas Olive Oils – Desert Miracle Olive Oil 500 ML – Fine Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500 ml.)


Atlas Olive Oils - Desert Miracle Olive Oil 500 ML – Fine Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500 ml.)

Desert Miracle is a cold pressed ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil from Morocco. The olives used to produce this oil are farmed in the desert using drip-irrigation and sustainable water retention techniques. Any weeds in the groves are removed through human labor. Because insects are much easier to control in the desert, pesticides are rarely necessary. Use this oil to finish dishes, as a dipping oil, or in dressings.

  • Fine extra virgin olive oil from Morocco.
  • Slightly bitter with peppery start, moving into herbaceous, nutty & sweet notes. Fruity, rich finish.
  • Produced from olives grown in the Moroccan desert, 150 kilometers outside Casablanca.
  • No herbicides & minimal pesticides used in the olive groves.



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Desert Miracle has a delicately complex aroma that takes in almonds, culinary herbs with a touch of basil, lemons and sweet bananas. There is also a hint of woody hedgerows and wet grass. The taste has more culinary herbs on the palate with sorrel, cucumber, red berry fruits and nuts. It has a very light bitterness but plenty of pepper which grows and then fades allowing the green herbs, nuts and sweet biscuits to return. The interesting after-taste takes in fudge and sweet bananas with just a touch of hazelnut chocolate. The style is very sweet and delicate with a good hurts of pepper. It is an attractive and gently complex oil with a really sweet finish. Use it for general cooking, but particularly for desserts and baking.

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