Brover – Tomates confites in Oil (800 g. / 28.2 oz.)


Brover - Tomates confites in Oil (800 g. / 28.2 oz.)

Italian specialty with typical Mediterranean flavor. A convenient variation for special breads, focaccia, salads or sandwiches inclusion.

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The Brover tomatoes

Harvested in August and September campaign, the Brover tomatoes are fed to the plant a few hours after harvest. The choice of fruits is vital because it is the structure and taste of fresh tomatoes which gives quality to the sauce. Once peeled tomatoes are mashed and concentrated by evaporation. Concentration is measured in Brix, which corresponds to the percentage of dry matter. Fresh tomatoes have a natural brix 5 to 6 and can be concentrated to 30 brix. The consistency, color and acidity are controlled to obtain a perfectly regular product and adapted to the requirements of professionals.

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