Flor del Delta – Fleur de Sel (4 flavor pack 4 x 60 g.)


Flor del Delta - Fleur de Sel (4 flavor pack 4 x 60 g.)

Natural Fleur de Sel (100% salt flower, no additives.) to add a delicate touch to dishes intensifying the natural tastes of the ingredients and foods themselves.

PACK:  4 Alum. Cans x 2.1 oz. (60 g.) each:

NATURAL SALT FLOWER: For Seasoning all kind of food.
SALT FLOWER WITH FINE HERBS: For delicately flavored soups, salads, fish and fresh pasta dishes.
SALT FLOWER WITH SPICES: For soups, salads, fish, pasta dishes and stews.
SALT FLOWER WITH PEPPER: Salt Grilled meat, fish, vegetables and pasta dishes

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Flor del Delta obtains the Fleur de Sel from a purely natural process that takes place in these traditional Salinas. The Salinas come together as hollow spaces which are formed in the sand. These spaces are gradually flooded with seawater, and the Fleur de Sel is naturally harvested from them. During the course of production the hollows are monitored carefully and are subject to strict analytical controls in order to ensure high quality favorable conditions for the harvest.

In the water evaporation process, the two powers that are at work are 100% natural. These are the only two forces solely and exclusively involved in the process; the sun and the wind. This is the reason why the Fleur de Sel is always harvested between the months of June and September, as opposed to other ordinary sea salt. Flor del Delta’s Fleur de sel is rich in flavors and is dietetically healthy since it has a clearly lower amount of sodium chloride.

Another added value in the Fleur de Sel is its high content in trace elements and essential minerals such as magnesium and potassium which gives it the title Queen of Salts, it is undoubtedly the most exclusive of Gourmet salts.


The crystallization takes place at sunset due to the cooling of the brine and this leads to the formation of small crystals of salt, rich in magnesium and potassium, which then remain on the surface creating a thin layer of minute crystals of salt.

Fleur de Sel is collected manually and does not go through any industrial processes. The harvesting takes place whenever the weather conditions are ideal, a sunny day, with high temperatures and little wind. If the crystals are not harvested in time, they would sink to the bottom of the basin once crystallized and would lose its properties. The harvesting is performed using a special pole called “lousse”. The harvested crystals are then left to dry in the sun and in the wind in order to obtain a very limited production of pure Gourmet Salts without additives. No matter how much time goes by, these crystals do not stick together and their properties remain intact.


Fleur de Sel is very important for health as it’s the best dietary source of two essential elements for the functioning of our body, Sodium and Chlorine.

Its high richness in the existing and dissolved minerals in the seawater, especially its high content in magnesium chloride and potassium chloride, emphasizes and enhances the flavor of food.

Equally and due to its marine origins and to its special crystallization, Fleur de Sel, contains 80% of the trace elements necessary which our body requires, for which it can be confirmed that a diet with Fleur de Sel is a healthy way of avoiding complementing our diet with mineral supplements.

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