Les Comtes de Provence – Apricot “Old Fashioned” Jam (350 g.)


Les Comtes de Provence – Apricot Old Fashioned Jam (350 g.)

This old fashioned (à l’ancienne) Blackcurrant (Cassis) Jam recipe is cooked in a traditional cauldron and uses 55% fruit and high quality cane sugar. Contains no artificial colors, flavor enhancers, preservatives or GMOs.


Fruits : Apricot (50.49%), cane sugar, acidifying agent: concentrated lemon juice, gelling agent: fruit pectin.

  • Best Before: date of manufacture + 4 years
  • Net Weight: 370g
  • Gross Weight: 580g
  • Prepared with 55g of fruits per 100g
  • Total sugar content: 61g per 100g

Nutrition Facts per 100g

  • Calories (kcal) : 213.10
  • Calories (KJ) :  890.76
  • total fat (g) : 0.05
  • satured fat (g): 0.00
  • carbohydrate (g) : 52.75
  • sugar (g) : 52.75
  • protein (g) : 0.41
  • salt (mg) : 18.14

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Long considered a luxury item, jams became commonplace in the early nineteenth century with the discovery of beet sugar. Today, jam is considered a food of fun and has become an emblem of French culture, pairing with “French toast” and for use in a bread-butter-jam sandwich.

Haute-Provence, through the Durance and its tributaries, is one of the first and oldest French-producing regions of fruits. Apple and pear trees line the roads, but also lavender and aromatic plants without which Provence is not the same. The Haute-Provence region of France is called the “Land of Scents and Flavors”, making a jam from that area a natural idea. For nearly 25 years, the AGRO’NOVAE company has been located there, using local fruit in all of its culinary creations.

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