Miels Chailan – Liquid Lavender Honey of Provence


Lavender Honey of Provence

Provence is well-known for its glorious lavender fields, reflecting the blue sky of Provence. Lavender offers bees excellent nectar to transform into exquisite honey.
There are about 30 varieties of lavender (botanical name lavandula) with flowers of purple, and through pink to white. The French lavender industry is based around four varieties – three pure Lavandula and one hybrid – with the king being lavandula augustiflora, which grows between 500 and 1300 metres in the dry, limestone soils of Provence. The plant is one of the family of aromatic herbaceous plants.
The lavender honey is from bees living in hives around the fringes of lavender fields. It has a deliciously different taste and smell to that produced from bees taking their pollen from other areas like heathers and sunflowers. It takes hundreds of bees to produce a teaspoon of honey gathering nectar from each lavender plant.

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A delightful honey made by the honeybees from lavender fields in France. Pure natural and unpasturized creamed

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