A L’Olivier – Passion Fruit infused Vinegar (Bottle 200 ml)


A L'Olivier - Passion Fruit infused Vinegar (Bottle 200 ml)

This vinegar is simultaneously fresh, sour and smooth. Use it instead of lemon juice on freshly baked or pan-fried fish, or to deglaze langoustines pan-fried in olive oil.

  • Uses: Pair this vinegar with toasted sesame oil, or oils infused with basil, lemon, or lemon and ginger to add an exotic touch to your favourite dishes. It also works well in raw fish marinades (scallop carpaccio, sushi), or on exotic salads.
  • Ingredients: Distilled vinegar (43%), passion fruit pulp (40%), sugar, apple pectin.

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The story of A L’Olivier began in 1822 in the Marais district in the heart of Paris. Mr. Popelin, a pharmacist at the time, decided to set up a stall devoted to olive oil. This pioneering man of vision was already aware in 1822 of modern press claims that are bolstered by extensive scientific studies: The Green Gold is an elixir. For years he vaunted the merits of olive oil to Parisians and in time the firm became the haunt of lovers of the Mediterranean art of living. Today, A L’Olivier remains France’s most respected producer of specialty oils and vinegars.

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Distilled vinegar (43%), passion fruit pulp (40%), sugar, apple pectin.