Maldon Sea Salt Flakes – Smoked

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Now the incredible, renowned taste of Maldon Sea Salt is complimented by a gentle smoky flavor—a perfect addition to a well cherished salt. Maldon Smoked Salt brings a deeper element to daily meals as well as treasured family recipes and innovative food creations. Cold smoked using classic, time-tested methods, Maldon Smoked Sea Salt delivers a genuine, distinctive smoky taste greatly enriching mealtime. Try with white meats, vegetables, and sauce—you and your family will love the rich flavor it brings!

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Tasting Notes: If you’ve come this far, then the notion that salt is salt is surely old hat. But any lingering doubts will be put to rest by the rather wonderful thing that is Maldon Smoked Sea Salt Flakes. Traditional cold smoking adds a sophisticated subtle smokiness to the salt, guaranteeing an extra frisson of flavor with fish, meat and poultry. Or in sauces, salsas, soups and marinades. Or almost anything else.

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