Olivie Baby/Kids: growing up healthily


OLIVIE Baby/Kids extra virgin olive oil has a very low acidity level (0.1° – 0.2° only), and a fruity and mild taste. Developed to adapt to the young palates, it has a high content of fatty acids, essential to meet the nutritional needs of infants and children. For these reasons it is recommended to babies more than 2 months and children of all ages.

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Experience and scientific research naturally dedicated to the youngers.
The protective effect of extra virgin olive oil is very well acquired and it is known that it affects mainly the early years of our lives. Atlas Olive Oils has innovated and introduced an Extra Virgin olive oil that is fruity, soft, sweet and aromatic specially adapted for infants and children: OLIVIE Baby/Kids. This oil helps our little ones’ good digestion and prevents infantile cholesterol. OLIVIE Baby/Kids is the result of a two-years research carried by multidisciplinary experts (producer, scientists, consultants, etc). This led to the completion of an extra virgin olive oil 100% natural which sensory, physical-chemical and nutritive features are ideal for babies and kids.

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