• Pistachio Virgin Oil

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    A beautiful jade green oil, highly flavored and aromatic This pistachio oil is highly flavored, with lingering aromas. It is sensationally beautiful - a rich, emerald green, and lends itself to use in both sweet and savoury dishes. Drizzle over an avocado salad, or use as the basis of a dressing for prawn cocktail (with…

  • Vilux – Hazelnut Oil (500 ml.)


    Vilux hazelnut oil is great in salads, this full bodied and savory Roasted Hazelnut Oil combines very well with vinegar to produce a light but flavorful vinaigrette. it can also be use with pasta, veggies or grains. Hazelnut Oil serves as a wonderful substitute for butter and adds delightful flavor to brownies. Imported from France.

  • Huile et Arôme Truffe Blanche


    White truffle flavor olive oil. Food preparation based aroma white truffle olive oil , with the taste and smell of the white truffle. On the palate the flavors of olive oil mix with those of the nose. Very easy to use , this oil flavor your dishes with truffles such as pastes, purees. Ingredients: olive…

  • La Truffiere – Lemon Infused Oil (250 ml.)


    The “La Truffiere” - Extra Virgin olive oil infused with lemon/rind. Infusion takes place in stainless steel drums for a period of eight to ten weeks, filtered, and then transferred into bottles or tins for transportation - all under strict quality controls. La Truffiere oils are best used in COLD applications. Drizzle it on salads,…

  • Edmond Fallot – Dijon Mustard (7.4 oz.)


    Edmond Fallot is one, of only a handful, of mustard firms still producing authentic artisanal French Dijon. The company (est. 1840) operates the last, great independent Burgundy "Moutarderie" (traditional mustard mill). Edmond Fallot took over the company in 1928 and the business has expanded (and continues today) under the careful watch of the Fallot family.…

  • Le Guerandais – Grey Sea Salt from Guerande – Coarse (2.2 lb. / 1 kg.)


    This coarse grey salt is harvested by hand on the coast of Guerande, in Southern Brittany, in ancient salt marshes, using traditional methods that date back for millennia. Once the salt comes into contact with the clay of the shore, it crystallizes into that pale grey color, and acquires loads of minerals. Richer and less…

  • Forchy – Christmas cake Pure butter 300 g. (Pack of 2)


    Pure butter recipe with delicious cherries from Provence, and a fine touch of natural sea salt. Advices and information:  Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Main ingredients: Raisins: cherries from Provence - crystallised orange peels - wheat flour - sugar - eggs - butter - sea salt - natural extract of orange. Contains following…

  • Le Guerandais – Grey Sea Salt from Guerande – Fine (1 shaker – 8.8 oz.)


    This fine Guérande salt is an unrefined product that is simply dried and crushed to retain the pleasure of an authentic salt. Rich in magnesium and trace elements, it is ideal for every type of use in the kitchen and on the table. A salt used in every high-end restaurant in France, Le Guerandais salt…

  • Dea Harissa Hot Sauce – (Tube 4.23 oz.) x 2


    Harissa is a North African hot red sauce or paste whose main ingredients are chili peppers (often smoked or dried) and garlic. Though most closely associated with Tunisia and Algeria, it is a standard ingredient of North African cuisine. Harissa often contains seeds like coriander, caraway, or cumin, and usually olive oil. It may also…

  • Don Bocarte – Ultra Premium Ventresca Tuna Bonito Del Norte (6.7 Oz.)


    Bonito Ventresca (Tuna Belly). Don Bocarte uses only bonito (white-meat tuna) from the Bay of Biscay. It is prepared using fresh raw materials, never frozen. Medium-to-large bonitos, just the right amount of salt and a meticulous cooking process, these are some of the characteristics that lead to a distinctive, juicy and delicate product.

  • Fattoria Estense – Decocream Red Balsamic Vinegar of Modena I.G.P. Glaze 250 ml.


    Decocream Crema all' "Aceto Balsamico di Modena I.G.P." 250 ml. Thick, velety balsamic vinegar glaze with the aroma f the Aceto Balsamico di Modena. Vigorously-aromatic, sweet-sourish taste suitable for meat dishes, pasta, risotto, refinement of delicate sauces as well as ice creams and strawberries.

  • Les Comtes de Provence - Lavender Label Rouge Honey (Creamy 330 g.)
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    Les Comtes de Provence – Lavender Label Rouge Honey (Creamy 330 g.)


    Lavender from Provence Label Rouge Honey - Creamy Best Before : manufacture date +2 years Net Weight: 330g Gross Weight: 485 g Nutrition Facts per 100g for 100g / 100 ml Calories (kcal) : 334 Calories (KJ) : 1417 total fat (g) : 0.10 satured fat (g): <0.1 carbohydrate (g) : 82.90 sugar (g) :…

  • Loreztia – Blueberry Jam (300 g.)


    Cooked in copper cauldrons "just like our grandmothers did," the Old-Fashioned Mirabelle Plum Jam from Les Confitures à l'Ancienne is a traditional French treat made with cane sugar. Ingredients: mirabelle plum 55 g, cane sugar, fruits pectin, concentrated lemon juice. May contain traces of nuts. Keep refrigerated after opening. Made in France.

  • Edmond Fallot – Stoneware Dijon Mustard (250 g., 9 oz., 250 ml.)


    Edmond Fallot mustards produced in Beaune, France - near Dijon. The family-owned company was started in 1840 and is now in the hands of Edmond Fallot's grandson, Marc Désarménien. Mustard seeds are selected for their high quality and ground in a traditional stone mill. This traditional process preserves the pure flavour and texture of the…

  • G. Baudoin – Black Winter Truffle Peelings – 200 g. / 7 oz


    Preserved truffles are a very good option when fresh ones are not available. These are the peelings of the Asian black winter truffle (Tuber Indicum) which has a more subtle and discreet aroma than its French counterpart. It is an inexpensive alternative to the highly esteemed truffle of the French Perigord region, and although they…

  • Maldon Sea Salt Flakes
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    Maldon Sea Salt Flakes

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    For over 2000 years the east coast of Essex has played host to the age-old craft of harvesting salt from the sea. There is no substitute for Maldon Sea Salt and it is now one of the best recognized brands in the market. Its soft white flaky crystals are completely natural and free from artificial…

  • Leroux – Chicoree no caffeine (17.6 oz. / 500 g.)


    Leroux Instant chicory is practical, for it can be dissolved in water or milk. It is a light drink that offers a medley of balance and gourmet pleasure. Leroux Instant chicory:  The ultimate step in chicory transformation, chicory extract is spray-dried. This process produces a soluble product in powder form which can be totally and instantly…

  • Les Comtes de Provence – Cherry “Old Fashioned” Jam (370 g.)


    Since 1986, Les Comtes de Provence has created a Mediterranean life style in fruit specialties rich in taste and 100% natural! Comtes de Provence uses whole fruit at peak ripeness and its know-how to prepare small batches of delicious preserves in an open cauldron. The rapid cooling protects the color, flavor and delicate texture of…

  • Groix et Nature – Mackerel Rillettes with Sechuan Pepper (100 g. / 3.5 oz)


    Groix et Nature Mackerel Rillettes are made with mackerel (51%), cream, smoked mackerel (12.5%), white whine, shallots, mustard, milk, vinegar, sea salt, white pepper, and chives. A classic island cuisine, mackerel lends itself to so many harmonious compositions. These rillettes are a creamy, fibrous mix of fish meat with a slightly smoky flavor complemented by…

  • Les Comtes de Provence – Apricot “Old Fashioned” Jam (350 g.)


    This old fashioned (à l'ancienne) Blackcurrant (Cassis) Jam recipe is cooked in a traditional cauldron and uses 55% fruit and high quality cane sugar. Contains no artificial colors, flavor enhancers, preservatives or GMOs. Ingredients: Fruits : Apricot (50.49%), cane sugar, acidifying agent: concentrated lemon juice, gelling agent: fruit pectin. Best Before: date of manufacture + 4 years…

  • Flor del Delta – Fleur de Sel (4 flavor pack 4 x 60 g.)


    Natural Fleur de Sel (100% salt flower, no additives.) to add a delicate touch to dishes intensifying the natural tastes of the ingredients and foods themselves. PACK:  4 Alum. Cans x 2.1 oz. (60 g.) each: NATURAL SALT FLOWER: For Seasoning all kind of food. SALT FLOWER WITH FINE HERBS: For delicately flavored soups, salads, fish and fresh…

  • Edmond Fallot – Blackcurrant Dijon Mustard (7.2 oz)


    Cassis, black currant, is a typical flavor of the Burgundy region of France. Here Fallot has combined the sweet, tangy red fruit with spicy whole grain dijon for a unique flavor that pairs wonderfully with chicken, pork and lamb. Try on turkey sandwiches for an elegant take on cranberry sauce! A real dijon mustard made by Edmond Fallot…

  • Clement Faugier – Gourmet French Chestnut Spread 496 g. / 17.5 oz


    Classic French chestnut spread from Privas, France. A French chestnut spread classic made by a company that has been doing chestnut spreads for over 130 years. Not much more to say, other than good, old, honest, traditional chestnut delight from the heart of Southwestern France. Enjoy!


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