• Coarse Grey Salt from Guérande Refillable Grinder

    $25.50 $20.00

    Fleur de Sel from Guérande is harvested with great care by the Guérande salt workers from the surface of the crystallization ponds, using skills and a method that are over a thousand years old. Fleur de Sel salt is naturally white, rare and of an outstanding quality .Its crystals are left uncrushed and unwashed to…

  • A L’Olivier – Extra Virgin Olive Oil, White Ceramic Crock (500 ml. / 16.7 Fl. oz)


    A L'Olivier, France's oldest house for specialty oils and olives, was founded in Paris in 1822. Our shop in the Marais and huilerie in Provence continue this tradition of quality, service and expertise. A L'Olivier extra virgin olive oil is fragrant, fruity and healthful. Use it in salads and soups, for frying seafood and cooking…

  • G. Baudoin – Black Winter Truffle Peelings – 200 g. / 7 oz


    Preserved truffles are a very good option when fresh ones are not available. These are the peelings of the Asian black winter truffle (Tuber Indicum) which has a more subtle and discreet aroma than its French counterpart. It is an inexpensive alternative to the highly esteemed truffle of the French Perigord region, and although they…

  • Les Comtes de Provence – Strawberry “Old fashioned” Jam (370 g.)


    This old fashioned-style (à l'ancienne) Strawberry Jam recipe is cooked in a traditional cauldron and uses 55% fruit and high quality cane sugar. Contains no artificial colors, flavor enhancers, preservatives or GMOs. Just the pure flavor and texture of the jams and preserves of yesteryear. Ingredients: Fruits : Strawberry (47.97%), acidifying agent: concentrated lemon juice,…

  • Groix et Nature – White Tuna Rillettes (100 g. / 3.5 oz)


    Back in 1914, Groix used to be the largest tuna seaport in all of France! These rillettes are made with white Germon tuna and draw on that famous heritage. Not dry, flavorful with a touch of cream, they make a perfect appetizer on crackers. Or stuff some cherry tomatoes with a spoonful of rillettes. Yummy!…

  • A L’Olivier – Fig Infused Vinegar (Bottle 200 ml)


    This vinegar combines the sweetness of fig with the acidity of vinegar. It's perfect for deglazing white meat or foie gras, or blended with the juice from cooked figs. Uses: Perfect for dressing bold salads (mesclun, rocket, lamb's lettuce) with duck breast, fresh fig slices, shaved parmesan and a drizzle of olive oil. Ingredients: Distilled…

  • Edmond Fallot – Burgundy Mustard Seeds – Burlap bag (250 g.)


    Caress it, slide in your hands, taste it, offer it ... Already, under the great antiquity, the Chinese, Greeks and Romans transformed the "mustard seed" into a fine and aromatic paste. If the medical use of this plant is indisputable, it is very quickly introduced into the kitchen to become over the centuries a condiment…

  • Clement Faugier – Gourmet French Chestnut Spread 496 g. / 17.5 oz


    Classic French chestnut spread from Privas, France. A French chestnut spread classic made by a company that has been doing chestnut spreads for over 130 years. Not much more to say, other than good, old, honest, traditional chestnut delight from the heart of Southwestern France. Enjoy!

  • Spigol – Spice Mix 100% Natural, 3% Saffron (100 g.)


    Spigol is a blend of saffron and spices that has, without equal, added aromas, colors and flavors to daily meals for over a century. Recommendations for use Along with being a culinary supplement renowned among professionals, it is also the secret ingredient of shrewd chefs. It can be added to the water used for cooking…

  • Les Comtes de Provence - Lavender Label Rouge Honey (Creamy 330 g.)
    Out Of Stock

    Les Comtes de Provence – Lavender Label Rouge Honey (Creamy 330 g.)


    Lavender from Provence Label Rouge Honey - Creamy Best Before : manufacture date +2 years Net Weight: 330g Gross Weight: 485 g Nutrition Facts per 100g for 100g / 100 ml Calories (kcal) : 334 Calories (KJ) : 1417 total fat (g) : 0.10 satured fat (g): <0.1 carbohydrate (g) : 82.90 sugar (g) :…

  • Amora – French 11 Spice Savora Condiment (13.6 oz.)


    Dating back to 1899, Savora is a condiment made with 11 spices and herbs, including mustard seeds, cinnamon, Cayenne pepper, nutmeg, curcumin, cloves, celery, garlic, tarragon, malt vinegar, and thousand-flower honey. Use it to accompany cold meats, fish, and vegetables.

  • Vilux – Walnut Oil (500 ml. )


    Vilux walnut oil is 100% natural. This oil infused with walnuts provides a fragrant addition to grilled seafood dishes, salads, or drizzled over toasted bread. Vilux is known for their high standards and consistency in the quality of products they produce. Imported from France.

  • Lavender Honey of Provence
    Out Of Stock

    Miels Chailan – Liquid Lavender Honey of Provence


    Provence is well-known for its glorious lavender fields, reflecting the blue sky of Provence. Lavender offers bees excellent nectar to transform into exquisite honey. There are about 30 varieties of lavender (botanical name lavandula) with flowers of purple, and through pink to white. The French lavender industry is based around four varieties - three pure…

  • Trufarome – White Truffles Infused Oil (250 ml.)


    Extra Virgin Olive Oil aromatized with Basil and Garlic 25 cl Glass Bottle During all year the sun will enjoy your meal with this Olive Oil aromatized with garlic and basil, it will be excellent to dress the salad, raw vegetables and pasta.

  • Leroux - Regular Instant Chicory (7 oz. / 200 g.)
    Out Of Stock

    Leroux – Regular Instant Chicory (7 oz. / 200 g.)


    Leroux Instant chicory is practical, for it can be dissolved in water or milk. It is a light drink that offers a medley of balance and gourmet pleasure. Leroux Instant chicory:  The ultimate step in chicory transformation, chicory extract is spray-dried. This process produces a soluble product in powder form which can be totally and instantly…

  • Les Confituriers de Hautes-Provence – Miel de Lavande Maritime (8.5 oz. / 250 g.)


    "This maritime lavender honey, gilded in color, has a strong aromatic and slightly tangy flavor that reflects all the character of this mediterranean flower."

  • Vilux - Red Wine and Shallot Vinegar (500 ml. / 17 Fl. oz.)
    Out Of Stock

    Vilux – Red Wine and Shallot Vinegar (500 ml.)


    Vilux - French Red Wine and Shallot Vinegar - Vinaigre a l'Echalot - 16.9oz Vilux Red Wine Vinegar has a full 6% acidity enhanced with shallots flavor especially recommended for fish, chicken and pork, a delicious component in making onion confit or your favorite marinade or vinaigrette.

  • Masia el Altet – Luxury White Truffle Oil (250 ml / 8.45 oz.)


    Luxury White Truffle Oil by Masia el Altet with extra virgin olive oil

  • Atlas Olive Oils – Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Tin 5 Litres/ 169.07 Fl Oz.)

    $90.00 $75.95

    This organic extra virgin olive oil comes from the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. It is intended to supermarkets as well as hotels and restaurants kitchens. This gentle and fruity oil has exceptional characteristics that makes it suitable for any dish. ATLAS organic extra virgin olive oil has a complex aromas of mature bananas, red…

  • Forchy – Fruit cake – candied cherries from Provence 500 g. 7 slices/ea. (Pack of 2)


    Authentic cake with cherries from Provence Information Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Main ingredients Raisins - candied cherries - candied orange peels - wheat flour - sugar - eggs - vegetable fats - butter - natural extract of orange Contains following allergen(s) Wheat, eggs and milk. May contain following allergen(s)…

  • Flor del Delta – Fleur de Sel (4 flavor pack 4 x 60 g.)


    Natural Fleur de Sel (100% salt flower, no additives.) to add a delicate touch to dishes intensifying the natural tastes of the ingredients and foods themselves. PACK:  4 Alum. Cans x 2.1 oz. (60 g.) each: NATURAL SALT FLOWER: For Seasoning all kind of food. SALT FLOWER WITH FINE HERBS: For delicately flavored soups, salads, fish and fresh…

  • Masia el Altet – Premium Award-Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml / 17 oz.)


    Premium Second Coupage created by the firm 70% local varieties; 40% Changlot real + 30% Alfafarenca, Genovesa and Blanqueta. 30% Picual Intense and complex virgin extra, mild-medium spicy bitterness “PRE ENVERO” stage of maturity of the olive (when the olive juice has the best aroma and taste) Very high in polyphenols and antioxidants Perfect to…


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