35 Piece Assorted Party Macarons


A macaron is a classic French cookie.

This legendary confection uses almond flour, sugar and egg whites to form a delicate airy shell that is simultaneously crunchy and impossibly silky. Bite into it to find a light, crispy exterior surrounding a delicately smooth layer of fine ganache. Best enjoyed one leisurely bite at a time.

  • Box contains: 35 pieces.
  • Recommendation: The macarons are best enjoyed within 5 days.

Please note: Due to the extremely fragile nature of macarons some light breakage may occasionally occur during shipment.When you receive your macarons store them in the refrigerator in their original packaging.
Remove the macarons from the refrigerator 2 hours before eating to bring them to room temperature.


  • Actual macaron flavors may differ from image shown.
  • All Patis Pro products may contain nuts, dairy, and gluten.

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35 Piece Assorted Party Macarons
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Each delicate bite will evoke the sensation of biting into the sweetest, most succulent fruit or finest gourmet chocolate. The 12-piece set makes a perfect gift for anyone from a gracious host to a loving relative. Or, simply allow yourself to faire les folies (splurge) by treating your own tastebuds to this delectable collection. Everyone deserves something sweet.

  • Vanilla – Induces the simplest of sensations, providing an enticingly enriched twist of a classic taste.
  • Pistachio – Is an amply nutty experience with the subtle pleasure of the original French staple.
  • Coffee – Evokes the pleasure of sipping on a cup of the finest brew while incorporating a delightfully nutty flavor.
  • Passion Fruit – Is a vibrant and titillating burst of fruity, zesty flavor that will stimulate and arouse the senses.
  • Dark Chocolate – Richly encompasses the pleasure of classic, rich dark chocolate
  • Raspberry Lychee -Smoothly surprises the senses with a sharp, yet satisfying touch of raspberry and exotic flavor of lychee.
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35 Pieces

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