Black Salt Flakes (Doypack 125 g.)


Black salt flakes with their beautiful black crystals and unmistakable flavor, make it very appealing. The black crystals create visual contrast and stand out greatly when used with lighter coloured foods such as pastas, creams or smooth soups, purees or poached fish.

Ingredients: Salt flakes, vegetable charcoal.
Uses: Black salt flakes is used for visual decoration with its black color in contrast with the colors of other foods.
Shelf life: All products should be stored in a dry and cool place, not place in direct sunlight.
Natural Flakes: is not a perishable product
Flavours: 3 years (best before)

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Black Salt Flakes (Doypack 125 g.)
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The Salt Flakes have an intriguing appearance, the pyramidal prisms which are formed through the innovative and delicate harvesting process catches the eye and helps decorate the dish.
The structure of salt flakes adds a crunchy texture to the dish, besides that it ends up being less salty than conventional salt, which helps prevent excessive use. It also gives the table a touch of sophistication due to its exclusive and pyramidal shape.

The salt flakes can be mixed with different ingredients without losing its structure and without letting the ingredients lose their identity.


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