Extra Virgin Olive Oil, White Ceramic Crock (500 ml. / 16.7 Fl. oz)


A L’Olivier, France’s oldest house for specialty oils and olives, was founded in Paris in 1822. Our shop in the Marais and huilerie in Provence continue this tradition of quality, service and expertise. A L’Olivier extra virgin olive oil is fragrant, fruity and healthful. Use it in salads and soups, for frying seafood and cooking special dishes in French style. To open, crack wax seal with knife handle and remove cork with corkscrew.

  • 500ML (16.7 Ounces) Stoneware Crock

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The story of A L’Olivier began in 1822 in the Marais district in the heart of Paris. Mr. Popelin, a pharmacist at the time, decided to set up a stall devoted to olive oil. This pioneering man of vision was already aware in 1822 of modern press claims that are bolstered by extensive scientific studies: The Green Gold is an elixir. For years he vaunted the merits of olive oil to Parisians and in time the firm became the haunt of lovers of the Mediterranean art of living. Today, A L’Olivier remains France’s most respected producer of specialty oils and vinegars.

France’s most respected oil specialist, A L´Olivier, has fashioned a selection of flavorful herb infused oils that are destined to become a staple in your pantry!
Made with A L’Olivier top-quality extra virgin olive oil, this aromatic basil oil stands out by virtue of its unmistakable flavor of fresh picked, sweet basil. This remarkable oil can be used in all preparations enhanced by the aroma and taste of fresh basil. Enjoy drizzled over a plate of fresh tomatoes and mozzarella, a bowl of steaming pasta, or in your favorite homemade pasta sauce!

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Infused Oil, oils


A L'Olivier


16.7 Fl.oz, 500 ml.

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