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Marrons Glaces – Candied Chestnuts 7.76 oz.


Clement Faugier are one of the oldest and most reputed of French marrons glaces producers.

Characterised by large, moist and perfectly candied chestnuts which are delicately flavoured with a hint of vanilla.

For anyone who enjoys marrons glacés the best in the world. this is not to be confused with cheaper varieties of candied chestnuts which are often a chestnut with an outer “crust” of sugar. Each marron glace is wrapped in gold foil and the tins are airtight to maximize freshness. Popular to send as gourmet food gifts.

Marrons Glaces – Candied Chestnuts 7.76 oz.
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Candied chestnuts, or marrons glacés in French, is without question a labor of love. The chestnuts are first sorted to eliminate those that are not perfectly round or smooth. They are then boiled, peeled by hand, and sorted once again. Finally, the chestnuts are cooked for two

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Clement Faugier

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