Orange Tree Honey (15.87 oz / 450 g.)


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Orange Tree Honey (15.87 oz / 450 g.)
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Miel del Tio Juán Cruz is the result of the work of Apícola Cuartero, a family business born three generations ago and located on Mount Moncayo. With about 3.000 hives, these honeys, produced one hundred percent in Spain, are obtained from the finest blooms of the Spanish geography.

Its more than twenty different products are produced naturally without pesticides around flowers, and following the traditional process, so each honey will be different, even within the same type. Thus Mieles del Tío Juan Cruz gets palates to revive the ancient taste of honey, when it was acquired directly from the home of the beekeeper.

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Miel del tío Juan Cruz


15.87oz., 450g.


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